I found some neat old Halloween JUNK.

One of my favorite Halloween activities is raiding old pharmacies and random variety stores, hoping to score some ancient spooky treasure. I’ve been running Halloween Countdowns since 2003, and lemme tell ya, a LOT of my material came from places like those.


Over the weekend, I hit the jackpot. An oddball bric-a-brac shop had tons of Halloween junk for sale. Just a huge variety at dirt cheap prices. In tonight’s video, I show off five of my favorite finds…


(I had to shoot that video twice. Some kind of memory card error turned today into my personal hell. But I guess that’s Halloweeny in its own way?)

I’m sure most of you have similarly wackadoo stores nearby. If you never pay attention to them, this is the time of year to start. If you rely too heavily on the big chains, you’re just gonna end up with the same shit everyone else has. These weirder stores are your chance to build a truly unique collection of Halloween nonsense.

Thanks for watching! I’m going to collapse now!

One final FYI: Dino Drac’s September Funpacks are still on sale… but there are only a few days left!