Dino Drac’s Funpack Subscriptions – Now Open!


Dino Drac Funpack subscriptions are back on sale! $25 a month, for a new box of weird junk, every month!

Subscribe now and you’ll start with the SEPTEMBER 2014 FUNPACK — which, since the site will be firmly entrenched in the Halloween Countdown by then, has a nice dose of scares!

If you’re already subscribed and would like to stay that way — do nothing! You’re all set.

If you’re NOT subscribed and you’re pretty sure you want to be, I would advise you not to wait too long. Subscriptions starting with the September Funpack are available through 9/7, but there is a pretty fair chance that they will sell out before then. (Once I’m out of supplies, I’m out of supplies, and you’ll have to wait another month!)

Let’s see what September has in store!

(An almost complete sample of a September Funpack!)

While the Funpack shown here is for example purposes (some contents may vary), ALL existing and new subscribers WILL receive the following:

* The first of two Halloween-themed Ugly Mini Posters! (Not shown in the photo.)
* An all-new DINO DRAC SPECIMEN, which I’ll tell you about in a minute!
* An incredible Aliens digital watch from 1993, still in package! Your new Halloween mascot!
* Packs of old trading cards! (Yes, some packs have a spooky theme!)
* And other things that you’ll have to wait to see, but the photo above will give you some example of what you may find.

I think these will kick off your Halloween season in excellent fashion.

Oh, and about that specimen…



Yep, I’m going there. ECTO-COOLER. In my collection were two open juice boxes, and because I’m me, I never threw them away. After cleaning out the gunk, I very carefully cut them into excessively tiny squares.

So, the exclusive DINO DRAC SPECIMEN for September is a “swatch” cut from an Ecto Cooler juice box! The ultimate totem food of everything I’ve done online can now be yours! (A very small part of it, at least!)

NOTE: While I guarantee you that your SPECIMEN was actually cut from an Ecto Cooler juice box, I cannot guarantee what portion of it you’ll receive. The luckiest ones may see a little bit of Slimer. Others may get portions of the nutrition facts label. Still others may get a tiny sliver of an X-Men character, since they’re printed on the back of the boxes. Make no mistake, whatever yours looks like, it WILL BE from a genuine vintage Hi-C Ecto Cooler juice box!

Each tiny “swatch” is sent in a protective sleeve — the kind that coin collectors might protect their lucky dimes with. Carry it in your wallet as the weirdest good luck charm ever!

(A portion of Dino Drac’s Halloween-themed September Mini-Poster!)

The August Funpacks were more successful than I anticipated. The subscribers really seemed to enjoy them. Some made videos, some did podcasts, and still others simply emailed in with positive feedback.

What started as my way to financially survive the site’s busy months became a real point of passion for me. I take these boxes seriously, recognize that $25 isn’t cheap, and do my absolute best to make sure you’re gonna be happy. Hey, I don’t want you to unsubscribe, so I have to do my best.

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to sign up, scroll to the bottom and click the button. Subscriptions are processed via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, don’t worry, you can use any regular credit card to. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

But there are still a few things to go over, so here’s a FAQ!

Q: Wait, so can you explain this whole deal to me again?

A: I’m selling subscriptions for Dino Drac Funpacks, to be sent monthly to your door. The reason is that I simply cannot afford to the site — let alone do the site during its peak content months — without generating some form of revenue. Rather than run a donation drive or anything of that sort — which I’ve strived to avoid on Dino Drac — I’m doing this.

Q: If I subscribe now, what do I do if I ever want to cancel?

A: You can cancel at any time via Paypal. If you want this Funpack and this Funpack only, you could subscribe today and cancel whenever. Of course, it’s not my hope that you’ll do this, as I’m trying to build a reliable, consistent stream of revenue. But you certainly can!

Q: If I subscribe now, when will my Funpack be shipped?

A: The September Funpacks will be shipped during the first week of September.

Q: How does the billing work?

A: You will be charged again exactly one month after your first order. For example, if you subscribe on August 28th, you will then be charged again on September 28th, and then again on October 28th. These new charges tell me that your subscription is still active, so if you plan to ride this out for as long as it lasts, you don’t have to do anything after subscribing. You’ll automatically pay, and I’ll send you a new Funpack every month!

Q: So how long WILL this last, anyway? What happens if you decide to stop?

A: Barring unforeseen circumstances, I’m definitely going into December. At that point, depending on how the Funpacks are performing and how the site itself is performing, I’ll make a decision about continuing them or not. If I decide to discontinue them, I will cancel all subscriptions personally, and you will not be charged for anything you’re not receiving.

Q: Still won’t ship to Canada, huh? (Or anywhere else?)

A: Unfortunately, at this point, that’s still a no. I understand that this was disappointing for some folks with the last Funpack, but there are simply too many nuances in out-of-country shipping for me to feel confident about it. (Shipping prices are too fluctuant, and on top of that, I can’t be sure that the Funpacks’ contents will get through customs.) Please understand that the process of making and mailing the Funpacks is very time-consuming, and since they exist to allow me to do as much Dino Drac stuff as possible, I just can’t afford to make that process more complicated than it already is. I appreciate your interest, all the same!

Q: I have a question not covered here.

A: Feel free to email me, or leave it in the comments!

Thank you to all existing subscribers, and hopefully, to all new ones! Your subscription means I can do the site without ruination, and in trade, you get a sweet box of weird crap, every single month.

Ready to order? Click the button below to head to Paypal. 25 a month, and that includes shipping!