The Hunt for Halloween Candles.

Surprise! We’re already finished with the next Purple Stuff episode!

Well, minisode, at least.

We wanted to try a little experiment. Me and Jay have like a hundred adventures every Halloween season, but very few of them merit the “complete” Purple Stuff treatment.

Instead of trying to stretch 20-30 minutes’ worth of stories into hourlong shows, we’re gonna work in a bunch of “minisodes” this season, which will cover everything from our spooky shopping excursions to whatever random horror movies we end up seeing.

Listen to our first minisode by clicking the giant, ugly play button down below!

…or you can download it directly by right-clicking here.

In this minisode, we tell you all about last night’s completely unsuccessful hunt for this year’s Monster Cereals, and how that led us to chase down some delicious Halloween candles instead.

As we touch upon in the show, nights like that help make the Halloween season special. (Yes, even when it’s still the frickin’ first week of August.)

Here are a few photos that will make more sense once you’ve heard the show:

Thanks for listening, and happy Friday!