McDonald’s Halloween Collectibles from the 1990s!

It’s been a BIG Halloween season for McDonald’s. Certainly the biggest since I started blogging over two decades ago. The Boo Buckets Happy Meal hasn’t just inspired millions to buy their first Happy Meal in years, but it’s also spiked interest in McDonald’s vintage Halloween stuff.

…which is why I’m here tonight!

Join me for a show-and-tell session with some of the rarest McDonald’s Halloween collectibles I have, all from the 1990s! Everything from ceramic jack-o’-lanterns to a teensy tiny Grimace-themed saxophone!


This’ll probably be my last video of the season, and I’d like to think I’m going out on a high note. If nothing else, at least I’m helping to justify all the money I blew on ceramic pumpkins and banged-up McDonald’s posters.

I think you’ll dig it! Thanks so much for watching this and my other videos throughout this year’s Countdown. I feel like I finally found my weird groove, and I look forward to doing more on YouTube all year long!

PS, those guys are the best part of the video. Glow-in-the-dark Halloween McNugget Buddies, imported from Australia. Most people don’t even know they exist!