Purple Stuff Podcast: Pizza Party!

Geez, I wasn’t sure if we’d make our deadline on this. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when not accomplishing something would be a total disaster. Just in the nick of time, here’s the concluding episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast’s SUMMER SATURDAYS event!

This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit throw our own little pizza party. It’s a celebration of ALL THINGS PIZZA, from Pizza the Hutt to Freddy Krueger’s soul pizza, with a dash of Polly-O String Cheese, because everyone knows that’s “the best part of the pizza.”

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Below are some spoiler pics for the new ep:

Thanks as always for listening!

I’m gonna take a breather for a minute, and then we’ll have to start talking about a certain season that’s on the horizon. I have sooo much to get done before this year’s Halloween Countdown kicks off, but I’ll start worrying about that once the fog clears from a month’s worth of podcasts. Stay tuned!