Purple Stuff: Spooky Songs Volume VIII!

A lot of folks asked if we’d be doing another Spooky Songs episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast this year. Well, of course! It’s our most popular series and one of our favorite subjects!

Get set for the EIGTH volume of Spooky Songs! This year, me and Jay from Sludge Central are coming at ya with ten tracks that NEED to be on your Halloween playlist.

We’re both insane mega fans of spooky music, and we probably take these episodes a little too seriously. No joke, we start building our lists like ten months in advance! I think we’ve got some very strong selections in Volume VIII. You’re gonna love ’em.

Click here to listen to this month’s show!

As a reminder, we are also on Patreon, where you can grab an exclusive bonus show each and every month. September’s is already there, if anyone wants to hear us raid eBay for the best and weirdest Elvira collectibles. Next month’s bonus will also be Halloween-themed, of course!

Thanks so much for your time and your ears, and for sharing the show around. We appreciate y’all to death, and we both feel very lucky that you’re still paying attention to our gibberish all these years later. Enjoy the new episode!