Purple Stuff Podcast: The Soda Show!

I rarely drink soda these days, but it will forever be one of my passions. Everything about soda fascinates me. How it looks! How it tastes! How it’s packaged! How it’s marketed!

Every soda has a story to tell, whether it’s a top dog with a million dollar ad campaign, or a no-name brand hidden on the bottom shelf in your neighborhood’s worst supermarket.

Jay from The Sexy Armpit feels the same way, so we decided to make the latest episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast all about SODA. We’re considering this our official Summer 2020 show, because nothing beats the heat quite like an icy glass of, uh, Pepsi Holiday Spice?

We’re discussing eight great pops. Everything from Jolt Cola to Tab Clear to Pepsi Blue to Hubba Bubba Soda. There’s even a live taste-test of Faygo Arctic Sun, thanks to Stew from Michigan, who so generously sent us a few bottles.

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Below are pics of some of the sodas we’ll be discussing:

Thanks so much for listening. We hope we made you thirsty for neon sugar.

Talk about some of your favorite sodas — discontinued or otherwise — in the comments!