Purple Stuff: All About 1990!

1990 was a big year. A huge year! From Gremlins 2 to Dick Tracy, I’m not sure that any other year provided me with so many obsessions. Also, since I’d started junior high by the time 1990 ended, it was really my last chance to be a kid in the truest sense, free to wallow in toys, toons and bullshit without a care in the world.


…and wouldn’t you know it, this very special year is the focus of the latest Purple Stuff Podcast!

This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit run through a dozen of our favorite things about 1990, from the Ninja Turtles movie to Pepsi’s legendary Cool Cans. There’s even a whole section about an old Roy Rogers commercial, for some reason. And Monster In My Pocket, too!

(Man, 1990 really was a great year.)

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Thanks as always for listening! We thought our Ecto Cooler bonus episode would throw us off schedule, so it was nice (and fairly miraculous) to get this one uploaded on time. Hope it brings back many memories of many stupid things!


Oh, and speaking of Ecto Cooler…

I’m trying to not talk about it because Dino Drac has been so Ecto-heavy lately, but I just had to show you this. Yes, through the power of a cheap ass popsicle kit, you too can make FROZEN ECTO COOLER POPS. They’re every bit as good as they sound.

PS: Dino Drac’s June Funpack debuts tomorrow, and it’s a great one. I’ll follow that up with (at least) three regular articles, because my post queue is starting to look like a conga line.