The Purple Stuff Podcast: Episode 13!

Welllp, it’s here. HALLOWEEN. May your day be filled with candy and costumes and the last vestiges of that pumpkin spice candle you bought last August.

Thanks so much for being a part of Dino Drac’s 2015 Halloween Countdown! Just one more piece of business left for the season…


Yes, it’s the special Halloween edition of The Purple Stuff Podcast! This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit celebrate by determining the official ABCs of Halloween. (Meaning, we take turns assigning Halloween stuff to each letter of the alphabet. All 26 of them! Yes this show is longer than usual!)

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The big question: Will we be continuing the show after Halloween? You’ll have to listen to find out, but since I’m gonna encourage people who like the show to write us a review on iTunes, you can probably guess!


I’ve had a wonderful season, and it always sucks to see it end. On the other hand, we wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much if it wasn’t so annoyingly finite. Tonight I’ll be grabbing at every spooky thing within arm’s reach, desperate to make the most of these horrible final hours!


Oh, and don’t think for a second that I forgot Shrunken Apple Head’s birthday. Of course I didn’t. Earlier today, I brought him to Starbucks so he could sample their limited edition “Frappula.” It’s what you get the zombie apple who has everything.

Sharing a very public Starbucks two-seater with rotting fruit is not something I’m dying to try again, but Shrunken Apple Head seemed to appreciate the gesture, in his own naturally stoic way.

I think spending October 31st in a coffee house with old fruit was the perfect way to cap off the season. I hope all of you find such beautifully creepy codas!

Enjoy the show, and enjoy the DAY!

PS: Don’t you newcomers give up on the site after today. There are still a few more holidays left for me to make a big fuss over. 🙂