Purple Stuff: Halloween Movie Review!

I saw the new Halloween movie on Thursday night, with Jay from The Sexy Armpit. We hadn’t planned on doing a podcast about it, but why not?

We spent an hour aimlessly running through the stuff we loved, the stuff we liked and the stuff we were maybe not totally sure about, but the non-spoiler summary is that we both really dug it.

Warning: This episode is LOADED with spoilers. We didn’t even go through the motions of avoiding them. If you haven’t seen the movie, please don’t listen to this show until you have!

But if you have seen the film and wanna compare notes…

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The more I think about it, the more I realize how hard it must be to “pull off” a movie like this, where so many people have so many opinions about what it “should” be. With that in mind, they did a great job of delivering on what a Halloween film “needs” to be, while still executing a fresh story that we hadn’t seen before.

The film had a LOT to live up to — so much buzz, so much hype. All in, I’d say that it delivered. It “felt” like a Halloween movie, if that makes sense. I’ll definitely be seeing it in theaters again, hopefully with an audience that’s a little less obsessed with their phones. Thumbs up to all involved — this couldn’t have been a cakewalk.

PS: I’ve been mostly-absent from the site as of late, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Yes, it’s been that kind of month. I wish “that kind of month” didn’t also happen to be October, but, yeah. There’s still over a week left before October 31st, so I’ll do my best to make the Countdown’s finale stronger than its middle.