Make me some spooky art.

This weekend, I’m leaving the site’s content in your hands.

See this? This is your canvas.


It’s time for a random Halloween Art Expo!

All you gotta do is grab that image (or right click here) and turn it into WHATEVER YOU WANT, so long as it’s somehow tied to the Halloween season.

This is not a contest. No prizes, no rankings. Your art will not be judged.

I’ll add your work to Dino Drac as the weekend rolls along, no matter what it is or what it looks like.

BEFORE YOU START, just a few ground rules:

1. Entries must be received by Sunday at 12PM EST if you want to see them on Dino Drac.

1. Do not change the size of the image. (660×504 pixels!) You can recolor it however you want, though. It doesn’t need to have that stupid yellowish background.

2. Don’t worry about the black borders – I add those myself.

3. When you e-mail me, please provide the name you’d like to be credited with, your website if you want a link back, and the name of your work of art!

4. GIFs and PNGs will probably save best. JPEGs are fine. I don’t care.

5. You can use any program you want. If you’re completely averse to doing it on your computer and simply must do something using real world materials, go for it, but remember – 660×504, or you’re disqualified!  Wah.

6. I have no idea how many people will give this a whirl, but on the extremely remote chance that I get more than 100 entries, sorry, I’m probably going to have to stop there!  (Don’t rush though, this isn’t first come, first serve!)

So with this as your canvas, here are some example of the amazing things you can create:

A Halloween party, starring Jason Voorhees and a blue guy who looks something like an old Real Ghostbusters toy I remember owning.

A random monster being pestered by vague orange bats.

An avant-garde tribute to fun-sized Snickers bars.

Have a blast. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’ll check in later and start posting up the entries. Now, off to work I go. Sniff.