Dino Drac After Dark

Commercials from 1994!

Well, since I just wrote about Zima’s shocking return, let’s take a look at some TV commercials from its strongest year. Here’s a huge pile of ads from 1994!

God knows what’s in there, but enjoy.

Happy Friday!

(Yes I’m drinking Zima while typing this.)

Survey Says.

Let’s just do a survey, because it’s like two minutes to midnight and I’ll never find a video in time.

Name three of your favorite ROBOTS from all walks of pop culture.

Movie characters, video game characters, cartoon characters, advertising mascots — whatever!

(He’s one of mine, of course.)

Bucky O’Hare!

Weird thing: I collected the hell out of Bucky O’Hare figures, but I never ever saw the cartoon.

Let’s change that:

Here’s the first episode of the series, from 1991. For those who only vaguely recall Bucky O’Hare, he was that green rabbit from outer space. Or something like that.


Milk Cap Mania!

If you missed it earlier, Dino Drac’s June Funpack is on sale now!

…and since this month’s Funpack comes with a healthy dose of old school pogs, tonight’s video seemed like a good pick:

Milk Cap Mania was a series of hurried documentaries about the pog craze. This is the second of two direct-to-VHS specials, which by the producer’s own judgment was simply an attempt to cash in.

I was a pretty big pog collector for a while, though I never actually “played” with them, and in fact still have no idea how one actually does that.

To me, they were just fun things to have and to look at. The art pulled inspiration from so many different directions that the word “pog” could double as a descriptor for a certain artistic style.

From spiders to 8-balls to space aliens, I couldn’t get enough of them. Most of the local comic shops were still standing when pogs became the in-thing, and all of them quickly shifted their focus to this strange new fad.

The beauty of pogs was that no matter how hard certain companies tried to make “rare” or “valuable” ones, there were always thousands more that remained dirt cheap. I remember sifting through huge boxes of them at comic shops, and they were rarely more than ten cents each.

(FYI, in tribute to how we rolled as kids, I use “pog” and “milk cap” interchangeably, and do not at actually recognize “Pog” as a trademarked brand name.)

Old School Nintendo Fun!

Here’s a double dose of Nintendo nostalgia…

First, check out this 20/20 report about the Nintendo “fad.” Judging by what’s featured, I’m gonna guess that it’s from 1989:

…and if that put you in the mood for MORE MARIO, here are a bunch of vintage Nintendo commercials: