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After Dark Halloween Challenge!

I have A CHALLENGE for you tonight.

As some of you noticed, I’ve been prepping for this year’s Halloween Countdown. Hell, there’s already a teaser video:

It sounds early, but it really isn’t. After a strong start last year, some hiccups took me out of the game for a substantial portion of October. I came back in time to salvage things, but there still weren’t any videos or podcasts during that whole month. Sad!

This year, I’m hoping to be better prepared with a largish pool of completed (or at least half-completed) articles that will cover me on busy days and free up time to work on videos and the Purple Stuff.

Now here’s where you come in:

I’m putting out a request for Halloween-appropriate video suggestions. These would be used to keep Dino Drac After Dark updated throughout the Countdown.

If interested, search YouTube and send me an email with your suggestion(s). Here’s what I’d need from you:

1) Name of video.

2) Video URL.

3) Name you want to be credited as. (If you’d rather not be credited, just say so!)

4) (OPTIONAL) 2-4 sentences explaining the video or detailing a memory you have about it, which will be copy/pasted onto the site.

I’m also interested in spooky-themed survey ideas if you want to email those, too!

Best way to reach me: dinosaurdracula at gmail.

As for what types of videos: They needn’t necessarily be “Halloweeny” in a direct way. Horror movies, spooky toons, creepy documentaries and things like that all fit the bill. Don’t worry about being “on the nose.”

Thanks in advance!

Goal is to have a stockpile of After Dark entries ready to go before the Countdown even starts.

Free-For-All Friday Thread #4!

…and the weeks just keep flying by! Time for our Free-For-All Friday Thread, where you’re free to talk about whatever you want in the comments.

Tell us about your week! Review a movie! Complain about whatever SDCC exclusives you can’t afford! Pay tribute to lionfish! Doesn’t matter… just have fun!

Tonight’s background noise is the official soundtrack for Spookies, a 1986 horror movie that’s been mentioned on Dino Drac before. The film itself is famously rough around the edges, but the soundtrack is freakin’ fantastic.

Happy Free-For-All Friday!  😎 

The Making of Spaceballs!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes featurette about Spaceballs, from 1987:

I saw this film in theaters back in ‘87. Even by then, the Star Wars thing had died down, and a whole movie spoofing it must’ve seemed a bit late. Course, I personally never let go of Star Wars, so getting to see a “funny” version of it was one of my favorite theatergoing experiences.

Unsolved Mysteries!

Here’s an episode of Unsolved Mysteries:

This is one of the “Farina episodes.” I’ve joked about those before, but really, they’re fine. More than fine. Binge-worthy, even.

There was only one Robert Stack, but Dennis Farina was a cool cat, too. Whatever minor gripes I have with this semi-sequel are more from a post-production standpoint.

The Farina episodes reused many classic segments from the Stack era, but they were almost always edited for time, with wonky effects used to mask hard cuts. You probably wouldn’t notice those things unless you were a hardcore Unsolved Mysteries fan, though.

Our DVR is perpetually stuffed with the Farina eps, which are the only ones that still air on television. The Stack eps definitely create a creepier mood, but we like these just fine when we’re sick of watching the news. Which we always are.

Bonus points: This particular ep features a UFO segment!

His Name Was Jason!

His Name Was Jason is a solid Friday the 13th doc whether you’re a fan of the series or not. (Hell, I might say that it plays even better if you’ve never seen the movies, because it’s such a great crash course.)

The doc was kinda forgotten after the more robust Crystal Lake Memories hit DVD, but when it comes to talking heads babbling about Jason Voorhees, I don’t discriminate. Enjoy!

(Usual warnings about adult content apply. They don’t hide anything in this one.)