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Hollywood Ghost Stories!

Here’s another great pick from CosmicSparky (Justin P.) that’ll turn a nothing night into a something night. Perfect if you’re having a really boring Friday!

Hollywood Ghost Stories was released in 1986 as a direct-to-VHS documentary. Since it never aired on TV, it’s widely unknown and a real find for anyone who’s already seen the similar made-for-TV docs.

Here’s Justin with more details: “A feature-length special hosted by John Carradine about true stories that inspired classic horror movies, along with bits about celebrities encountering the unknown. It’s packed with old clips and features an appearance by the late great horror author/director, Frank DeFellita.”

Enjoy, and happy Friday!

Tony Orlando sings the Ghostbusters song!

Well, here’s something you weren’t expecting!

Suggested by Paul, here’s Tony freakin’ Orlando covering the Ghostbusters theme song. (From the 1984 MDA Telethon, so it was for a good cause, too!)

A short video for tonight, but I thought it’d make you smile.

The Drak Pack!

If you missed it on the main page, there’s a new video! Go watch me eat Reese’s Puffs Peanut Butter Bats cereal!

(I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get that video done today, but not getting it done would’ve meant ruining my whole week, so, yay.)

Tonight’s pick comes to us from Gridley, and I’m really happy that this one finally hit YouTube!

Check out the first episode of The Drak Pack.

Never heard of it? I’ll let Gridley explain:

“From September 6th, 1980, it’s the first episode of The Drak Pack! Released through Hanna-Barbera’s Australian subsidiary (huh), it only lasted until December of that same year. The premise: Drak Jr., Frankie and Howler — descendants of Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Wolf Man — unite as heroes to atone for their ancestors evil!”

Sounds good to me!

Mickey Mouse: The Haunted House!

Here’s a shorty for Tuesday night:

From Toad64, it’s The Haunted House, a Mickey Mouse short from 1929. I’m pretty sure we ran this on After Dark a few years ago, but this one is always worth a watch. (And like Toad64 mentioned, the quality on this vid is much better than the YouTube norm!)

This was one of the segments on Disney’s old Scary Tales VHS compilation, which I rented endlessly as a kid. Big fan of this short!

Overlords of the UFO!

The holiday weekend ends tonight. Gross. In brighter news, the Halloween Countdown rolls on tomorrow! A new article will be posted in the morning, and if I can shake this tiny fever, look for a new video this week, too!

Tonight’s pick comes from Rygar Starkong, and it’s the perfect thing to help you wind down after a long weekend. Get ready for OVERLORDS OF THE UFO!

From Rygar: “Here’s a creepy 1976 documentary that takes a strange look at the UFO phenomenon. Complete with spooky announcer, weird pictures and stories, and more wood paneling than you could shake a pair of bell bottom jeans at!  Highly recommended!”