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Commercials from 1995!

Here’s a batch of commercials from 1995…

These ads were apparently all pulled from horror movies that aired on TNT. If you stayed up late to watch Child’s Play or Night of the Living Dead, this is what you were pitched.

Shark Lake!

To complement today’s video about Jaws Bar ice pops, here’s something sharky:

Enjoy Shark Lake, from 2015. Dolph Lundgren versus sharks!

PS: I love movies like this, but I specifically love having them on in the background while I pay little-to-no attention. Kinda works on the same principle as those relaxation sound machine things, only instead of waterfalls and thunderstorms, it’s Dolph Lundgren and royalty-free stock music.

TMNT II: Behind the Shells!

God, this is such a perfect mix of things I love: Ninja Turtles, and those old “Making Of” movie specials that used to litter network television.

Seems impossible, but I don’t think I caught Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Behind the Shells when it aired back in ’91. Where the hell was I that night?

(Saw the movie in theaters, of course. I was and remain a hardcore mark for Tokka and Rahzar.)

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3!

One of Cruel Summer’s launch pieces was about the 1990 Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal, so I’m taking a hint from that for tonight’s video:

Here’s The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. I mean the whole damn series, neatly organized in a convenient YouTube playlist!

I’m pretty excited over the chance to spend Saturday night with cartoon Koopalings.

If you’re not into watching old Mario cartoons, I’ll remind you that Dino Drac’s Summer Jukebox is now active… so long as you’re viewing the site on a desktop computer. If you are, look for the little jukebox graphic on the right-side column!

Tales from the Cryptkeeper: Ghost Ship!

Welcome to Dino Drac After Dark — back from an extended hiatus!

If you’re new to this part of the site, here’s how it works:

Every night around midnight, I’ll be posting a cartoon, movie, commercial compilation or some other sort of nonsense. You can gobble ‘em up quietly, or better yet, join in the comments section with a great group of folks who are up for chatting about almost anything.

(And no, I don’t expect y’all to only talk about whatever videos I post. Within reason, you can chat about whatever!)

This is a quiet corner of Dino Drac that I don’t often advertise, and I plan to keep it that way. For the most part, it will be on you to remember this place. (If it helps, a neat little banner appears on the main page every night at midnight!)

Consider Dino Drac After Dark a casual clubhouse for night owls and/or people who aren’t into traditional social media.

Now, onto the first video of the Cruel Summer season!

Since I just posted that review of a weird Talking Cryptkeeper doll, it seemed fitting to run an episode of the cartoon that gave it life.

So, here’s the lucky thirteenth episode of Tales from the Cryptkeeper, which just happens to have the perfect plot for Cruel Summer. The episode is called Ghost Ship, and get a load of this description:

“Radical surf dudes Mike and Ben decide to take Ben’s father’s bodacious speedboat for a spin – without permission. On the way out of the marina, they bounce it off a dock, and soon the craft is sunk! While drifting on their boogie boards in the fog, they are approached by a pirate ship, manned by swarthy skeletons.”

Goddamn! Cruel Summer indeed!

Enjoy the vid, and remember to check out Dino Drac After Dark EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!