Dino Drac After Dark

1993 Christmas Commercials!

This batch of commercials was pulled from the CBS broadcasts of Charlie Brown and Garfield’s respective Christmas specials, back in December of ’93. They’re not exclusively holiday-themed, but there’s still a lot of fun stuff in here:

Highlight for me: That 7UP commercial, which is way rarer than their other Christmassy ads. Forgot all about it!

1980s Kraft Holiday Commercials!

Here’s a neat batch of 1980s Kraft commercials, all holiday-themed and all pulled from one specific broadcast. They will make you hungry for the sorts of appetizers too few people make anymore:

The uploader’s description is dead-on: “These commercials aired during ABC’s presentation of Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy on December 6th, 1986. All of the fatty foods and cheesy narration manage to perfectly sum up what Christmas was like in the ’80s.

Amen, stranger!

PS: Just so you know, Free-For-All Friday Threads have not been discontinued. After missing so many After Dark updates lately, I figured it was best to add a video since I actually had time tonight. But you can talk about whatever anyway… it’s not like the conversation has to be completely Kraft-centric. (Even if all conversations really should be.)

Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special! (Again!)

Continuing with the recent trend of running videos that appeared on Dino Drac After Dark last year, here’s the Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special!

Still so amazing, still so funny, still so brilliant, still so happy.

He-Man’s Xmas Special. Yes, again!

I’ve run this one before, but I don’t care. Enjoy He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, from 1985!

Love love love this special, which I distinctly remember watching on its premiere night more than three decades ago.

If you want additional context, I’ve also written about all of the toy commercials that aired during this one.

A Very Special Christmas Album!

Something different tonight… but also something that ties nicely into the latest Purple Stuff episode:

Here’s the complete A Very Special Christmas Album, from 1987. This was the first of several charity albums featuring big name musicians from all walks.

I feel like every family on the planet had this album, which I love to death. Even if it’s not ringing any sleigh bells for you, you’re probably familiar with most of the tracks, which are still in insane radio rotation every December.

Just from this one album, I count at least five songs that rank among my all-time Christmas favorites.

(Admittedly, I don’t know how many of you will be interested in this. Christmas music is one of my weird points of passion, but I’m constantly reminded that I’m in the minority, there!)