Dino Drac After Dark

Fear in the Dark!

I wanted a long, spooky video for tonight, and this one seemed promising:

I’ve never seen Fear in the Dark, but the horror movie doc apparently aired as a TV special in 1991 before making its way to VHS.

Perfect thing for a rainy Saturday night!

The Home Shopping Network!

This is really just a Free-For-All Friday Thread, so go ahead and talk about anything.

But, for some background noise…

Here’s part of the Home Shopping Network’s overnight block, from 1988. Can’t believe how nostalgic I am for cubic zirconia pendants.

Back then, I was fond of leaving HSN on when I was near a TV but didn’t want to actually watch TV. It was just something to help keep the house from seeming too quiet, especially late at night.

Loo-Kee’s Sweety!

Today’s main site article is all about Masters of the Universe Slime. In it I mention an old She-Ra episode featuring a cameo appearance by the Slime Pit. Here’s that episode!

Enjoy Loo-Kee’s Sweety, from the show’s second season. Or skip it and just tell everyone what you ate for dinner. Whatever, it’s Dino Drac After Dark. We’re loose, here.

Garfield Goes Hollywood!

Here’s another old Garfield TV special, from 1987:

I’d give you the plot synopsis of Garfield Goes Hollywood, but it’s kind of right there in the title. Enjoy!

Kid Niki!

Here’s a playthrough of the Kid Niki: Radical Ninja arcade game. I have my reasons!

Back in the late ’80s, this was one of the games in the shoddy game room of a hotel we always stayed at in Wildwood, New Jersey. I loved it.

During those vacations, we only went to the boardwalk at night. While everyone wasted the daylight hours at the beach, Kid Niki was pretty much all I had to keep myself occupied. It was enough!