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Halloween 2021: Week 5!

Happy October! We’ve hit the midpoint of the Halloween season, so I encourage everyone to make the most out of the month we have left! (See how fast September flew by? Just imagine how fast October is going to.)

I’m excited about the next few weeks, as I haven’t even had time to do many of the “easy” things yet — like picking up that “Spider Cider” Yankee Candle. Then you add in October’s traditional haunts and horror movies, and yeah, if I’m gonna have any trouble at all, it’s with finding time, not motivation!

Very happy that I was able to get a video onto the main site tonight, even though Friday night is not an ideal time to launch something like that. Oh well, it was still worth it to post something appropriate for October 1st, and now I have a free Saturday to spend adventuring. (Hope all of you are doing the same!)

This week’s video is actually a playlist filled with videos. Included here are over 100 spooky TV commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s that I personally rescued from old VHS tapes. There is SOOOO much good stuff in here, and I’d imagine that the whole library runs close to half an hour. Enjoy!

This is your free-for-all thread for WEEK 5 of the 2021 Halloween season. Talk about whatever!

Halloween 2021: Week 4!

Three weeks down, five to go! (I think it’s five, anyway?)

Hope the third week of the 2021 Halloween season treated you well. Sorry there was only one new piece on the site, but between the Funpacks and the bonus show, there wasn’t time for much else!

Currently scripting my next video *and* prepping for our next podcast. The video required three eBay purchases and a trip to Target, that’s all I’ll say for now. The upcoming podcast is our annual Spooky Songs show. Earlier I had to watch a horror movie that’s associated with one of our picks. Won’t spoil which one, but it’s pretty famous and I’m amazed that it took me decades to see it.

(Also, watching a horror movie during the proper Halloween season just hits differently, doesn’t it? I haven’t done it nearly enough this year.)

I’ve been scoring big on the junk food front, so I’ll almost definitely publish another edition of 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food next week, too. This has been one of the greatest years *ever* for Halloween snacks, no hyperbole. Hell, just this afternoon while out on a boring errand run, I managed to find three more eerie edibles that I didn’t even know existed. (Pumpkin Spice Moon Pies, anyone?)

ANYWAY, here’s your frightening free-for-all thread for WEEK 4 of the Halloween season. Talk about whatever you want, all week long.

Since we’re getting to the part of September when even the most seasoned Halloween pros might need a direct hit of dopamine, this week’s video seemed like a solid choice. Enjoy Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, for the first or hundredth time.

Halloween 2021: Week 3!

We’re now two weeks into the Halloween season. Hope it’s going well for everyone! This weekend I’ll be working on the Funpacks, but I’m sneaking in a horror-themed mini-trip on Saturday, too. (Not for article purposes or anything, though I’m sure I’ll post a pic somewhere.)

I’m also investigating an overnighter for October. Not sure for what, exactly, but I know I want to do something, and I’m pretty sure I want to do it alone. There are a bunch of conventions coming up, and while I may hit one or two, I’m looking for something a little more outside-the-box. (And also a little closer to home, in case I have any cat-related emergencies. Yeah, I’ve become that guy.)

Mapping out potential activities (even if you never end up doing them) is such a fun part of the season. Strongly recommended for all! Honestly, it’s worth it just for those Google discoveries of nearby places that you’ve somehow never heard of. Wait, you’re telling me I have access to a gemstone museum that doubles as a mini golf course? Awesome.

This is your free-for-all thread for WEEK 3 of the 2021 Halloween season. Talk about whatever, all week long!

This week’s background noise is an eerie forest with all of the appropriate SFX. It’ll give you the best kinds of spooky dreams.

Halloween 2021: Week 2!

Time for a new thread! Hope everyone enjoyed the first official week of the Halloween season, not to mention the first week of Dino Drac’s Halloween Countdown!

I’ve been forcing myself to pace myself and not get hung up on weekly quotas and stuff. One thing I wanted to do differently this season is allow myself time to work on bigger videos, and then maybe let those videos have more than a minute to collect eyes before moving onto the next thing. (On that note, gonna be filming the next edition of Halloween Junk Food History this weekend. Onward to 2004!

Other than that, I’ve just been enjoying the season. Every little bit of it. Tonight I had to drive all over Jersey for a silly reason that’s not worth getting into, but the point is that it was chilly and dark, and with very little traffic on the highways. Rolled down the window and cranked the jukebox, and it was a total slice of Halloween heaven. Those uncelebrated parts of the season are so often the best ones.

This thread is here to carry you through Week 2 of the Halloween season. Talk about whatever ya want! Up above is a little ambiance, if you need it. Background noise in the form of an endless thunderstorm. Enjoy!