Dino Drac’s December Funpack is here!

Dino Drac’s December Funpack is here! I’m posting this one earlier than usual, because the USPS is molasses in December, and I want to make sure everyone gets these boxes of cheer long before Santa arrives.

The December Funpacks are always festive, but I think this might be the most spirited one yet. Pretty much everything in this month’s box is holiday-themed. (Well, except for the peanut butter crackers, I guess.)

Subscriptions are currently closed, but I have some spares that I can sell on a one-time basis. The cost is $25, and that includes shipping to anywhere in the United States. Zip to the bottom to order one, or keep reading to learn about everything inside!

Let’s kick things off with another fabulous scent from our magical friends at House of Wax Melts. Custom-made for the December Funpack, it’s a set of Lemon-Lime Fizzy Pop Wax Melts, which smell *exactly* like 7UP!

Largely thanks to those old “Countdown to Christmas” posters, I’ve long associated 7UP with the holiday season. You’re not gonna believe how well House of Wax Melts captured the scent. It sounds impossible, but these wax melts smell more like 7UP than 7UP does!

Each set of six cubes comes cased and bagged, with a festive label.

I know CDs are a dead format, but I couldn’t resist this one, and I know you’ll be happy that I didn’t. You’ll each receive A Merry Monster Christmas, a CD from 2006 that was actually a reissue of Len Maxwell’s classic novelty album from 1964.

The CD includes twelve tracks that perfectly straddle the line between Halloween and Christmas, with hits like Doctor Frankenstein’s Christmas Party and The Wolfman Comes Home for Christmas.

And hey, even if you never play the thing, it was worth including for that gorgeous cover art alone. Doubles as a decoration! Your CD will arrive shrink-wrapped and in brand-new condition.

The hits keep on coming! You’ll also get one of these Nightmare Before Christmas “Chibi in Motion” figurines, which double as keychains, or if you’re feeling inventive, tree ornaments.

These came out a few years ago, and there are MANY different figures in the set. They’re coming out of a sealed factory case, so ALL are in play and I have no idea which you’ll get. There are six characters in all, both in regular and iridescent colors, and then an ultra-rare glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie chase figure.

Possible characters: Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, The Mayor, Santa Jack, and Zero.

I love these little figurines, and I know you will too. Remember, you’ll only get one, still sealed in its retail box. (Boxes may have a little wear, but they’re all sealed, and the figures inside are untouched!)

WE’RE STILL NOT DONE! For a little dose of McDonald’s Christmas nostalgia, you’ll each receive ONE of these two super vintage Norman Rockwell metallic ornaments, which were given away in 1982 and 1983, respectively.

As I recall, both were promo items given out to McDonald’s customers who bought books of gift certificates during the holiday season. They’re comparable in size and weight, and all of them are in unused condition, still inside their original display cards.

You’ll get one of those two ornaments, picked at random! (I have roughly equal amounts of both, so no matter which you like best, you have a 50% chance of getting it!)

This month’s 5×7” cardstock mini-poster is a sequel to last month’s, and features a scan of another old Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog cover, featuring loads of ‘80s toys. So purdy!

(Please note that I used the incorrect poster in the group shots of this month’s Funpack items. Rest assured, THIS is the mini-poster you’ll be receiving!)

You’ll also get this month’s exclusive 2×2” sticker, featuring a couple of holiday-themed Pepsi cans from the early ‘90s. Good luck figuring out where to stick it!

Rounding things out, you’ll get this month’s Funpack Newsletter, plus an exclusive essay that will never be reprinted on the site. (This month’s essay features my Christmas Bucket List – a collection of holiday-related activities that I wanna try before I die. How festive.)

You’ll also get a pack of Lance’s Toast Chee Peanut Butter Crackers, plus a Zellers-exclusive Batman Returns promo card, featuring the Penguin. (It’s a Christmas movie, after all!)

So yep, you’ll get all of the above for $25, shipped anywhere in the United States!

If you’re already a subscriber and you’d like to stay that way… do nothing! You’re all set!

If you’re not a current subscriber but you’d like to buy just this one Funpack, you can do so by clicking the link below. Once these are gone, they’re gone forever!

ALL of the December Funpacks will ship on or before Tuesday, December 11th, and will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

SOLD OUT! Thank you!