My Monster-Mania Convention Haul!

I spent last Friday at the Monster-Mania Convention in New Jersey, blowing my savings on hideous horror junk. I’ve done this con a billion times before, but there was a particularly great energy this time… probably because it was the first convention in years where everyone at least pretended the world was back to normal.

Came home with a big bag of spooky junk, and since the only way I could justify such frivolity was by getting a YouTube video out of it, here I am. Time to show off my haul! Here are some of my scores from Monster-Mania:

Click here to watch on YouTube!

I’m thrilled with my pickups, in part because they were all things I genuinely wanted, but also because many of them came from “boutique” companies run by great folks that I consider friends. Those tables ain’t cheap, so I was happy to support ‘em!

Join me for a 12-minute tribute to everything from Freddy-themed candles to Silver Shamrock t-shirts. I have refined tastes, you see.

Thanks for watching. If nothing else, I hope the video inspires you to check out some of your local cons, whether they’re horror-themed or not. I go to them as often as possible, and almost always have a great time. And hell, even when I don’t, they just make me appreciate being home with my cats and snacks. Ya really can’t lose.