Dinosaur Dracula’s Halloween Art Expo!

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#109- “Freddy’s Head: The Final Nightmare,” by Tommy:


#110- “Ghastly and Haunter Spook Casper,” by WestersaurusNXT:


#111- “Brain Storm the Creepster,” by Gooper Blooper:

#112- “Mixed Media Tomfoolery,” by Emma:

#113- “Eat, Drink and Be Scary,” by Jake the Snake:

#114- “Pompadour Vampire and Possible Werewolf-Type Guy Reaffirm Their Friendship Through Ancient Celtic Tradition,” by Shanie:

#115- “Thank God It’s Friday,” by Matt Fletcher:

#116- “Pumpkin Picking,” by David Cruz:

#117- “Mood Slime,” by Berdo:


#118- “Ghost Cat Army,” by Bluejay:

#119- “Demon Maggot,” by Cory Wack:

#120- “Slender-Ween,” by Driskull:

#121- “Mario’s Halloween Surprise,” by Shantel:


#122- “Suspiria,” by Jugendsehnsucht:

 Okay, we’re all done!  Thanks again, everyone. I can already tell that this will be my favorite entry of this year’s Halloween Countdown, and I had nothing to do with it!