Dinosaur Dracula’s Halloween Art Expo!

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#61- “The Many Halloween Qualities of Tim Curry,” by Kyle Fox:

#62- “Trick or Treat,” by squee:

#63- “A Tribute to the ‘Yummity Yum Yum’ Halloween Reese’s Commercial,” by Spruce Moose:

#64- “Freddy sings at a Beach Boys’ 50th Anniversary Karaoke Party!,” by Hoverbored:

#65- “Halloween Hollywood Rumble!,” by Adam Martin:


#66- “Eleanor Twitty (The Librarian Spirit from GB) Enjoying New Candy Corn Oreos,” by Al Boondy:


#67- “Halloween Night 2005,” by GoatRoyale:

#68 – “Murderous Puppets,” by Grimm Fairytale:

#69 – “Halloween Trio,” by Squidboy:

#70- “Eating Candy?,” by Leechmouth:

#71- “Dinosaur Dracula Can’t Fit In His Own House So Count Chocula Moved In,” by Crystal Evans:

#72- “The Hearse Song,” by Eddie Lightning Frog: