Dinosaur Dracula’s Halloween Art Expo!

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#37- “KILLER BUDS,” by Josh Martinez:

#38- “Trust Me When I Tell You That I Am An Adult Male,” by Sonny J.:

#39- “Trick On,” by Spooky:

#40- “True Halloween Terrors,” by Javier Reinoso:

#41- “Untitled,” by Larry:


#42- “Return of the Twizzler Robot,” by Toaster:

#43- “AS SEEN ON TV,” by Carpeteria:


#44- “A Pumpkin Puking Blood on a Ghost,” by James Ragsdale:

#45- “Mustached Snake Goes Trick or Treating (with Ghost Thrown in For Good Measure),” by Reese:

#46- “Frank is Unamused by Werewolf’s Antics,” by Mandy:


#47- “Jason Digs X-E’s Grave,” by Jeff:

#48- “Trick or Meat,” by King Dead: