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1990s Xmas Commercials!

Here’s an interesting batch of 1990s Christmas commercials — “interesting” because so few of them are ever mentioned by today’s nostalgists:

Really digging this assortment. It’s nice to be reminded of some old faves that aren’t already on YouTube ten thousand times over.

Holiday Survey.

Okay guys:

Think back. You’re a kid. Name one thing that you REALLY DESPERATELY wanted for Christmas (or whatever you celebrated), but DIDN’T get.

Tell us about it, in the comments! Say what it was, why you wanted it, how much you cried when Santa failed you, and if you somehow managed to get it later.

Free-For-All Friday Thread #Something.

Talk about whatever! I’m drunk! I had a good night!

A Garfield Christmas! (Again.)

Too early? Maybe a touch, but who cares?

Here’s A Garfield Christmas Special, which I LOVE TO DEATH. (And yeah, I ran this one on After Dark last year, but some specials are just too important to leave buried in the archives.)

Casual Tuesday Thread!

Talk about whatever!