Dino Drac After Dark

Programming Note!

Hey everyone! (Or… anyone?)

As you’ve probably heard by now, Dino Drac’s Cruel Summer event begins on June 9th. That’s technically Saturday, but I’ll more likely start it on Friday night… which means that it’s pretty much exactly two weeks away!)

Updates to the site will be beyond light before then, as I’m now in complete prep mode to make sure I have all sorts of goodies ready to go once the Cruel Summer event gets rolling. Yes, that will include daily updates to Dino Drac After Dark for however long it lasts! (At least one month, but possibly longer. It will definitely end before August, so I’ll have time to prepare for the you-know-what.)

Tl;dr: Hold tight! Stuff is coming! In the meantime, feel free to email me if you dig up any summer-appropriate videos for DDAD on YouTube. (Credit will be given for any suggestions I use, so please let me know what name to credit you with, too!)

PS: Go ahead and use this thread for idle conversation… it’s what DDAD is here for!

Saturday Survey!

Let’s do a survey tonight!

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2018?

(Yes, I understand that 2018 isn’t even five months old.)

Dino Drac After Dark Theme.

Motion to make the theme from Freddy’s Nightmares the official theme of Dino Drac After Dark.

Come on, that’s so perfect for this place.

Kingdom of the Spiders – USA Network – 1987!

I haven’t given you many reasons to visit Dino Drac After Dark lately, but if you decided to do it anyway, get ready for big time treasure:

It’s a 1987 USA Network broadcast of Kingdom of the Spiders, complete with commercials!

(God, that screams “Dino Drac After Dark.”)

I’ve actually run the movie here before, but it’s so much better with the old ads — not to mention the bookending segments hosted by Commander USA!

Word of warning, though: Kingdom of the Spiders stars a horde of live tarantulas, and the little critters were not treated kindly during filming. Some actually die onscreen. As much as I’d like to give this childhood favorite a pass, I can’t in good conscience run it without that disclaimer.

That being said, this was one of the first horror movies I ever rented, and it haunted me. The fact that the spider scenes are so crude means that they’re also super real, so there’s a sincere creep factor in play.

A quick scan of the ads reveals everything from Cool Ranch Doritos to Salon Selectives. If nothing else, enjoy those!

Amazing Stories!

Here’s a pair of episodes of Amazing Stories, the NBC anthology series that I was very much a fan of.

Truth be told, the episodes were infamously hit-or-miss, with some being RIDICULOUSLY good, and others being absurdly hokey and boring. Most anthology shows were like that, but since Amazing Stories didn’t have a set “vibe,” the disparity was more noticeable.

There are episodes I plainly can’t get through, while others — like, say, the one where Christopher Lloyd plays a psychotic beheaded teacher — were sincerely awesome enough to have worked as theatrically-released films.

I can’t remember much about these two episodes, which probably means that they weren’t among the best of them. Still worth a watch, even if only for curiosity’s sake!




(And feel free to chat about other stuff, too.)