Dinosaur Dracula!
  • Comic Book Show at a NJ Holiday Inn.

    On Sunday morning, me and Jay visited yet another comic book show, this time in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Honestly, the big draw for me was that the show was staged from a Holiday Inn. I am all about random hobbyist conventions taking place at minor hotels. Those are the types of show

  • Interesting He-Man finds from eBay!

    Below are five of the most interesting Masters of the Universe collectibles currently on eBay. I can afford none of them. Argentinian Modulok Figure! Asking Price: $1200 The Argentinian version of the Masters of the Universe line — produced by Top Toys but still officially licensed &

  • The best McDonald’s collectibles on eBay.

    Below: A sampling of the greatest McDonald’s collectibles currently on eBay. Deciding on a mere six items was no easy task. When you hear “McDonald’s collectibles,” you probably just think of Happy Meal toys. Those are on eBay, of course, but they’re joined by everything from sev

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: Pop Culture Mascots!

    I’m a sucker for brand and product mascots, no matter if they’re promoting toys, vacation destinations or goddamned fabric softener. So long as they’re cute and so long as they seem like good company for a lazy Sunday spent watching bad movies on the couch, I’m so in. …and th

  • Dino Drac’s January 2016 Funpack!

    Have the post-holiday blues? This oughta fix it. Dino Drac’s January 2016 Funpack is finally ready to lauch! AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY! If you haven’t been watching the site too closely, I sell monthly Funpacks. Without them, there’d be no Dino Drac! Subscriptio

  • Welcome to Dino Drac’s Bowling Alley!

    You and your friends are going bowling! You choose Dino Drac’s Bowling Alley. Of course you do. It’s the one you grew up with. The one that was halfway remodeled in 1997, but pretty much looks the same way it did in 1986. It’s a warm blanket in the form of a seedy bowling alley. It

  • The Christmas Fallout, 2015 Edition!

    Christmas turned into a 96 hour party, and I am exhausted! The only proper penance is a month spent in a gym that doubles as a detox center. Instead I’ll just lie on the couch and subsist on those growing-oilier-by-the-day antipasto leftovers. Welcome to Dino Drac’s Christmas Fallout

  • Dino Drac’s Magical Christmas Robot!

    As I write this, Christmas Eve is mere hours away. I still have sooo many things left to do. Gotta wrap the presents. Gotta make a billion stuffed mushrooms. Gotta figure out if I have even one single outfit that doesn’t make me look like a gothic mechanic. Gotta finish that bottle of Fi

  • My thoughts on The Force Awakens. (SPOILERS.)

    WARNING! This post will include THE FORCE AWAKENS spoilers. I’ll warn you again before the spoilers begin, but if you haven’t seen the movie and have plans to, PLEASE skip this post until you do. Do not read the comments on this post, either! In terms of entertainment, Star War

  • Classic Christmas Commercials, Volume 7!

    It’s time for another batch of Classic Christmas Commercials, featuring pizza and laundry detergent and Ronald McDonald. Three of these are from my collection; the remaining are from our pal Larry. May they fill your hearts with joy, and your brains with really old ad jingles. A Toys 

  • Eight ’80s Xmas Specials You Might’ve Forgotten.

    When we think about “animated Christmas TV specials,” our minds drift to the likes of Charlie Brown, Frosty, Rudolph and yeah, even Garfield, because we’re never gonna let it go with that one. Of course, the wealth of Christmas cartoons runs so much deeper than that. In the early ‘

  • Dino Drac’s December 2015 Funpack!

    Hooray! It’s finally here! Dino Drac’s December 2015 Funpack is available now, and I think this one qualifies as a doozy! (Available in the United States only!) Do I need to do the spiel again? Okay! If you haven’t been watching the site too closely, I sell monthly Funpa

  • The 1983 Montgomery Ward Xmas Catalog!

    Hello! Tonight I’ll be tearing apart another old toy catalog for your enjoyment. This time, Montgomery Ward’s 1983 Christmas catalog is on the slab. We didn’t have Montgomery Ward stores around here, so my firsthand knowledge is limited to stray references in long-ended sitcoms. I wa

  • The 1987 Broadcast of A Charlie Brown Xmas.

    Oh, man. My buddy donated another of his treasured childhood videocassettes, and this one was killer. Among other things, it included the full broadcasts of A Charlie Brown Christmas and How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which aired back to back on December 11th, 1987. Nostalgia’s been my

  • The Mostly-Complete History of Ecto Cooler.

    Midway through Thanksgiving, the news broke: Coca-Cola has renewed its trademark for Ecto Cooler, signaling mass speculation that the ghoulish green beverage just might be returning as part of the Ghostbusters reboot push. This trademark renewal does not in of itself guarantee Ecto Cooler

  • He-Man at the 1985 Macy’s Parade!

    Did you know that He-Man and She-Ra appeared at the 1985 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? It’s true! And I’ll be showing you the proof! Just you wait! Masters of the Universe was on top of the world in 1985, so it made sense for He-Man to snag an appearance at the annual parade. Of c

  • Another Toys “R” Us Treat Box from the ’90s!

    Remember when Toys “R” Us gave out adorable cardboard boxes filled with free samples? You should, because this marks the fourth time I’ve written about them. If you’re new, this old newspaper ad should bring you up to speed: That particular ad promoted what I believe was Toys “R

  • ’80s Xmas Ads from Woman’s Day.

    As confessed last year, I grew up loving the Christmas editions of Woman’s Day, which were collected by my mother and left to die in the same little-used cabinet that otherwise housed obsolete phone books and broken AC adapters. I’ll admit that this wasn’t something I bragged about a

  • Dino Drac’s November Funpack is available now!

    Hey! It’s time to unleash Dino Drac’s latest Funpack! Get excited! Dino Drac’s November 2015 Funpack is available now! Each box has a little hint of the holidays and a whole load of nostalgia. New to the site? The Funpacks are what fund it. Every month, I mail out boxes of retro fun

  • Commercials from ESB’s 1987 TV Premiere!

    The Empire Strikes Back made its network television debut on November 22nd, 1987. Here are ten TV commercials that aired during that broadcast, covering everything from King Kuts to the USPS!

  • Mythological Creatures in Pro-Wrestling!

    Yes, believe it or not, pro-wrestling has had its own Yeti, Loch Ness Monster and Leprechaun! Here are six mythological creatures that somehow became wrestlers!

  • Toys from the 1983 Consumers Catalog!

    Get a load of the wonderful toys found in the 1983 Consumers Distributing catalog -- everything from Star Wars to Masters of the Universe to G.I. Joe!

  • 1980s McDonald’s Halloween Pails!

    Finally, one of the best Halloween promotions of all time is memorialized on Dino Drac! The McDonald's Halloween Pails pretty much DEFINE Halloween for so many of us, and this article will hopefully explain why!

  • Dino Drac’s “Envelopes of Evil” For Sale!

    Hello! Since I want a raise but don’t have a boss to ask, it looks like I’ll have to grab the bull by the horns, or take the reigns, or whatever the saying is. I don’t know. Hey, look, I have Envelopes of Evil for sale! Note: This is a one time sale that is

  • TV Guide listings for Halloween, 1990!

    Remember when watching shows and movies mostly amounted to taking what we were given? We’ve come a long way from needing a TV Guide! …and yet, I strangely find myself missing that era, back before we had instant access to anything we wanted to see… not to mention an internet