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  • Dino Drac’s Halloween Funpack!

    Dino Drac’s HALLOWEEN FUNPACK is here! It’s the final all-spooky Funpack for the 2023 season, and guys, I think I’ve saved the best for last… We’ve got some seriously hoity-toity items in this one! Before I tell you about them, here’s the scoop: Subscriptions are currently maxe

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: Spooky Songs Vol. X!

    The wait is over! For the TENTH time, the Purple Stuff Podcast is comin’ at ya with a new batch of SPOOKY SONGS! Yep, it’s Spooky Songs, Volume X! Another ten terrifying tracks that y’all NEED to add to your Halloween playlist. You’d think me and Jay from Sludge Central would be pi

  • Dino Drac’s Spooky September Funpack!

    I’m crazy late in premiering the September Funpack, but you can take that as a good sign. I was confident enough to believe that it wouldn’t take long for this one to sell out. Let’s see if I’m right! (LIMITED SUPPLY! U.S. ONLY!) Dino Drac’s Spooky September Funpack is here,

  • The McDonald’s Halloween Super Show!

    Well, since this episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast is being delivered so late, we knew we needed to make it a big one. And I think we did! Get set for an hour-long tribute to ALL THINGS SPOOKY from McDonald’s! Yes, it’s our McDonald’s Halloween & Horror Super Show! Similar to o

  • Dino Drac’s Envelope of Evil VI!

    Get set for the shocking return of Dino Drac’s ENVELOPE OF EVIL! This is the sixth one I’ve done, and by far the most extravagant. Actually, it’s one of the most extravagant packages I’ve ever put together for anything I’ve sold on the site. And it’s all super spooky! The lates

  • Dino Drac’s Eerie August Funpack!

    The time has come! Dino Drac’s Eerie August Funpack is here, marking the first of three all-spooky Funpacks for the 2023 Halloween season! Subscriptions are maxed out, but I have a fair number of spares that I can offer on an individual basis. I should warn you, the spooky Funpacks have

  • Dino Drac’s 2023 Petrifying Parcel!

    Dino Drac’s Petrifying Parcels have returned for a spooky surprise sale! (Limited Supply! United States only!) These boxes *aren’t* part of the monthly Funpack activities. This is a total one-and-done situation. I’ve slowly amassed enough supplies to put together a batch of hoity-toi

  • Dino Drac’s July Funpack is here!

    Dino Drac’s July Funpack is here, and it’s ready to class you up for the rest of the summer! UNITED STATES ONLY! LIMITED SUPPLY! It’s the final Funpack before the Halloween season, and as you can see, it’s loaded with high fashion. Subscriptions are currently maxed out, but I do ha

  • Eight Great Cereals, Volume III!

    Well, since we’re a few weeks late on this episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast, we knew we had to deliver a crowd-pleaser. Time for us to talk about cereal again! Get set for Eight Great Cereals, Volume III! Yep, the long-awaited threequel to our ongoing series is here, and it’s full o

  • Purple Stuff: The Glow in the Dark Show!

    Okay, we’re a week late on this one, but it was hard to find the “publish” button with all of the lights off. The latest Purple Stuff Podcast is here, and it’s all about things that GLOW IN THE DARK! Yep, from Superman’s Kryptonite Rocks to Dream Glow Barbie, me and Jay from Slud

  • Dino Drac’s June Funpack is here!

    Dino Drac’s June Funpack is finally here! It’s kinda/sorta summery, too! UNITED STATES ONLY! LIMITED SUPPLY! There is some seriously high-end stuff in this month’s box, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. Subscriptions are currently maxed out, but I do have a fair number of

  • Dino Drac’s May Funpack is here!

    Dino Drac’s May Funpack is here! And it’s being posted at like 10:30 PM Saturday night! I don’t know how to run a business! U.S. ONLY! LIMITED SUPPLY! It’s a hot Funpack, guys. Loads of stuff, from tiny action figures to great big wads of gum. Subscriptions are currently maxed out,

  • Dino Drac’s April Funpack is here!

    Well, the good news is that I’m finally ready to unveil Dino Drac’s April Funpack. The bad news is that this one is already sold out, and is for existing subscribers only! ALREADY SOLD OUT! SORRY! Hey, this is the advantage of being a monthly subscriber – you’re guaranteed a slot!

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: Unsolved Mysteries Part 2!

    We’re a bit late with this podcast, but we think it’s worth the wait. It’s probably our single most requested sequel show. Get set for another dive into UNSOLVED MYSTERIES! Yep, we’re going back to Stack! It’s been over two years since our first episode on the series, and we

  • Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here!

    Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here! Finally! I got delayed waiting for a few special ingredients to arrive, but now everything’s here, and I’m ready to take $25 from you, you and you. UNITED STATES ONLY! LIMITED SUPPLY! Monthly subscriptions are currently maxed out, but I have a solid

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: The Pink Show!

    Well, we’re a day late delivering the latest Purple Stuff Podcast, but honestly? I blame February. It’s not our fault that dumb month only has 28 days. Months are supposed to be 30 or 31 days – that’s the rule! In any event, we’re finally here, and we’re ready to continue our l

  • Dino Drac’s February Funpack is here!

    Augh, it took me longer than I would’ve liked, but I’m finally ready to show you Dino Drac’s February Funpack! This is one of the largest Funpacks ever, or at least the tallest, stuffed with jumbo-sized items that will make you feel all demure by comparison. Subscriptions are current

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: Jaws 3 on Network TV!

    It’s finally here! We know there was an extra long wait for the latest episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast, but when you find out what we’re covering, I think you’ll forgive us. That’s right! Time for another VHS dive! Join me and Jay from Sludge Central as we watch a network telev

  • Dino Drac’s January Funpack is here!

    The first Funpack of 2023 is here, along with one of my all-time favorite inclusions. We’re starting the year off strong and salty. Dino Drac’s January 2023 Funpack has everything from McDonald’s magnets to Congo trading cards, and it can be yours for $25, shipped anywhere in the Uni

  • Dino Drac’s Daily Holiday Diary!

    Welcome to Dino Drac’s Daily Holiday Diary! Check back for teensy little updates every day between now and Christmas! Sunday, December 25th: Merry Christmas! I just woke up from a food coma. As most of you know, Xmas Eve is the big one in my family, and Christmas Day is very low-key. I l