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  • Dino Drac’s November 2021 Funpack!

    Guys, it’s time! Dino Drac’s November Funpack is here, and it’s fueled with ho ho hot holiday power! U.S. ONLY! LIMITED SUPPLY! I’ll show you the goodies in a sec, but first, here’s the scoop! Subscriptions are currently maxed out, so if you’re already s

  • Five Retro Thanksgiving Commercials!

    I’ve been searching through VHS tapes for old Christmas commercials, and in the process noticed that I’d amassed a nice little collection of Thanksgiving commercials. So, for the first time ever, here’s a Dino Drac article exclusively about old TG spots! I’m already laughing at mys

  • 1985 Toys “R” Us Christmas Dream Book!

    Tucked into the December ‘85 issue of Family Circle was a pleasant surprise: Behold, Toys “R” Us’s 1985 Christmas Dream Book! Back in the ‘80s, TRU didn’t produce giant catalogs, instead relying on limited-page circulars that either came with your Sunday newspaper or got staple

  • Recreating Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Feast!

    I love everything about November. The weather, the colors, the food, and especially that abstract low-fi vibe that just begs us to laze. It’s hard to get November wrong. You can celebrate constantly and it’s perfect, or you can do absolutely nothing and it’s still perfect. November i

  • Happy Halloween! (2021 Edition)

    Happy Halloween! Here’s an impromptu video where I talk about the site and the season at large. I hope it makes sense! Click here to watch on YouTube! I had a great Halloween season, but as I hint at in the video, I definitely wasn’t expecting to. In fact, 2021 was so muddy that I

  • Purple Stuff Podcast: Skeleton Monsters!

    Halloween starts in like fifteen minutes, but whatever, the Purple Stuff Podcast still owes you one last spooky show for the season. We’re here to deliver! In our latest episode, me and Jay from Sludge Central tackle eight great SKELETONS from all walks of pop culture. The Grim Reaper fr

  • Halloween Junk Food History, Part III: 2005!

    Before October slips away, I need to continue my Halloween Junk Food History series! We looked back at 2003 and 2004 in prior videos, so this time, it’s all about 2005. To put that year into proper context, imagine yourself watching the insect scene from Peter Jackson’s King Ko

  • Dino Drac’s Halloween Funpack is here!

    If you’re already a Dino Drac Funpack subscriber, congrats, you are LOCKED IN for the 2021 Halloween Funpack! (The most popular Funpack of the entire year!) If you’re NOT a subscriber, here’s the deal: Subscriptions are closed, but I have a fair number of spares to sell on an individ

  • 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food, Part 4!

    Welcome to the fourth edition of 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food, which isn’t even gonna be the last one. I’ll need the benefit of hindsight to be sure, but I can’t remember another year when we got sooo much great stuff. From a foodie perspective, this has gotta be in the running

  • Jackpot Finds at a Weird Halloween Store!

    Hey, you. Tonight’s video is about a random Halloween store in New Jersey. Not a Spirit Halloween, and not a store that’s part of any big chain. That’s what made it beautiful. The stuff I found at this place could not have been found at any other store. (Seriously, they had giant squ

  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 48!

    Gosh, I haven’t posted a new edition of Five Random Action Figures since… well, since last year’s Halloween Countdown. I don’t know what my problem is. I have plenty of old toys, and these are easy enough to write. Hopefully this is the start of a brighter future. If not, I’ll se

  • Classic Creepy Commercials, Volume 32!

    By the time you read any edition of Classic Creepy Commercials, it’s just words on a page and some embedded videos. What you don’t see is the long, ridiculous process involved with obtaining these old TV spots. I hunt for vintage TV commercials all year long, and I’m always gunning f

  • Fave Things To Get While Trick-or-Treating!

    Welcome to October! I wanted to do something special to kick off this most awesomely unholy of months, so surprise, you’re getting a Friday night video: Click here to watch it on YouTube! Join me for ten minutes as I tell you about the best “unusual” things I used to get while trick-

  • Purple Stuff: Spooky Songs Volume VIII!

    A lot of folks asked if we’d be doing another Spooky Songs episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast this year. Well, of course! It’s our most popular series and one of our favorite subjects! Get set for the EIGTH volume of Spooky Songs! This year, me and Jay from Sludge Central are

  • 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food, Part 3!

    This is the third edition of 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food, and I bet I can do another three before October 31st. As I’ve been saying, this is a crazy year for Halloween snacks — like to the point where I can barely keep up. Compare this year to most years, when the well seemed

  • Classic Creepy Commercials, Volume 31!

    This edition of Classic Creepy Commercials features everything from candy to Candyman. It’s kind of my “cleanout special,” as I’ve been sitting on some of these spots since last year. What I like about this particular assortment is how off-the-nose it is. When you want to dig up me

  • 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food, Part 2!

    Just judging by what we’ve already seen, this is one of the greatest years ever for Halloween junk food. There’s so much of it! New stuff and returning favorites. I’m overwhelmed in the best way. I figured I’d better get to the second edition of 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food *n

  • Dino Drac’s Spooky September Funpack!

    Dino Drac’s Spooky September Funpack is here!! A box of ghoulish goodies shipped from my door to your door, filled with creepy collectibles! (UNITED STATES ONLY!) I gotta keep it real with you: This one is pretty much sold out! If you’re an active subscriber, you’re obvio

  • Halloween Junk Food History, Part II: 2004!

    Today I’m continuing my Halloween Junk Food History series with a look at ten of the hottest Halloween treats from 2004. Get set for Shrek Twinkies and Mountain Dew Pitch Black! Who knew that discontinued candy could make you nostalgic for the 2000s? You can watch the video above, or mor

  • Classic Creepy Commercials, Volume 30!

    There are some heavy hitters in this edition of Classic Creepy Commercials, and then also stuff that you definitely won’t remember. I prefer my articles to have polar extremes. Kick back with exactly 150 seconds’ worth of spooky old TV spots, yanked from my tape collection: Real Ghostb