Dinosaur Dracula!
  • Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies!

    For their next seasonal offering, Nabisco is going there. Hey, everything else has a “pumpkin spice” edition, so why not Oreo cookies? In tonight’s video, I review and eat several Pumpkin Spice Oreos. It’s exactly as exciting as it sounds. I wasn’t kidding in the vid — this

  • Hostess Cakes for Halloween!

    Before I get to today’s delicious news, I’m happy to announce that Dino Drac’s Halloween Funpacks have finally been unveiled! October’s Funpack has a whole lotta Freddy Krueger, a new Ugly Mini Poster, a new specimen, an adorable Mordle, and more! Thanks to all subscribers, new an

  • Candy Corn Blow Pops!

    New from Charms, get a load of these Candy Corn Blow Pops! Please don’t continue reading until you’ve gotten a sufficient load of these Candy Corn Blow Pops. I’m no big fan of candy corn, but time has dulled burning hatred into a more casual apathy. “Oh, it’s candy corn. Not

  • The 2014 General Mills Monster Cereals!

    Oh yes, the Monster Cereals are back. After last year’s legendary haul, can General Mills top themselves? Probably not, but find out in this video review, covering both the “regular” AND Target-exclusive “retro” boxes! (Special thanks to 2 Cool Ghouls for sending the “regular

  • Halloween Lunchables Dessert Packs!

    My time management skills are really sucking today, but it isn’t midnight yet! I have fulfilled my obligations! Here’s a new video: Tonight I’m reviewing the 2014 Halloween Lunchables dessert packs, which include “S’mores Dippers” and “Dirt Cakes.” They’re actually modif

  • Cheetos “Bag of Bones” Review!

    It’s been a beautifully gloomy day, complete with an especially long thunderstorm. I’m so looking forward to camping on the couch with sunflower seeds and Michael Myers. But first, this! Oh, man. GORGEOUS. I’m not completely sure if they’re new for 2014, but they definitely weren

  • Caramel Apple Twizzlers Review!

    I’m getting a good feeling about this year’s Halloween candy haul… New for 2014, it’s Caramel Apple Twizzlers! They’re apple twists filled with caramel goo! I’d tell you more, but that’s what the video is for. Watch my review, below! You are subscribed to Dino Drac on YouTube

  • Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel!

    Posting content on Labor Day is instant internet death, but I can’t shake the feeling that there are exactly three of you dying to read 800 words about Toaster Strudel, now and now specifically. I won’t let you down! So, let’s give a warm welcome to Pumpkin Pie Toaster Stru

  • The Bud Light Lime APPLE-AHHH-RITA!

    We’re barely into the season, but if you look hard enough, many new Halloween edibles are already out there! With Halloween’s worth relying so heavily on spooky foods never seen before, it’s great to see so many different companies jumping on the skull train. One of my early favorite

  • Caramel Apple Oreo Cookies!

    The weather is starting to cool, the leaves are looking less green, and I’m suddenly craving Elm Street movies on a nightly basis. Oh, it’s in the air. Halloween is IN the air. For proof, look no further than Nabisco’s new Caramel Apple Oreo cookies. It may only be August, but these

  • The return of sooo many Kool-Aid flavors!

    And the hits just keep on comin’! Last November, my ears perked up during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast. As a giant Kool-Aid Man rolled down 34th Street, one of the hosts casually announced some of upcoming flavors for 2014. Among them was SHARKLEBERRY FIN. The host didn

  • The Ninja Turtles invade Pizza Hut!

    Wackadoo promotions for the new Ninja Turtles movie are all over the place, and I couldn’t be happier about that. I know a lot of folks are feeling “cautious” about Michael Bay’s take, but whatever. A movie you don’t like is just a movie you don’t like, and it needn’t spoil t


    Oh. Oh my. This. Words. Fireworks. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re sitting down. Hostess Chocodiles… HAVE RETURNED. I’ve been staring at this mostly-blank screen for five minutes, unable to come up with sentences worthy of delivering such news. Maybe there aren’t any. Maybe I s

  • Summer Berry Pebbles Cereal!

    “It’s the first day of summer” is both the truth and the opening line to my debut rap single, I Can’t Stand To Sit. I thought we’d celebrate the shift in seasons with the most summery thing imaginable: Bamm-Bamm Rubble beating the shit out of cereal. New from Post, it’s Pebbles

  • Little Debbie’s Sea Life Snacks!

    Guys. We need to have a serious discussion about Little Debbie. No stranger to seasonally-shaped snacks, Little Debbie had something special in mind for the 2014 summer season: Cookies and cakes based on sea animals. It’d be one thing if she picked sharks and dolphins, but Debbie went

  • Marino’s Italian Ice is good shit.

    I’d like to remind everyone that Marino’s Italian Ice is the best possible ice. Never heard of Marino’s? I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t. It’s regional. Apologies in advance for championing a water ice that you have absolutely no access to. I was first intr

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Kid Cuisine!

    Like I was going to pass up a SpongeBob-shaped chicken nugget. Two things I hadn’t thought about in a while: SpongeBob and Kid Cuisine. Renewed awareness could have only come from mixing the two together. I can’t remember the last time Kid Cuisine did something so heavily thematic, and

  • I bought dinner from Master Wok.

    I’m not sure if Master Wok is part of a chain. Google reveals thirty thousand restaurants using the same name, but the logos are pretty inconsistent. I wouldn’t presume that the “Tony’s Pizza” in Philly is run by the same guy who owns the “Tony’s Pizza” three blocks away. I

  • Video: Sugar Cookie Pebbles Cereal!

    The 2013 Christmas season hasn’t been especially hot for weird food, but if you look hard enough, there are a few big time players. Like this one, for example. Post’s Pebbles cereal with a limited edition SUGAR COOKIE flavor. It looks good, it tastes good, and the box features Dino wea

  • McDonald’s Holiday Pie!

    I’d never tried one before, but I’ve been hearing about them for years. Apparently, Holiday Pies were discontinued at one point, or at least released in fewer states. Google searches will reveal a LOT of hysteria surrounding these pies.

  • Sprite Cranberry Soda Review.

    Uh oh – it looks like a new CRANBERRY SODA has entertered the arena! I’m leaving “entered” misspelled because this was already a shitty opener. There it is. Sprite Cranberry. Joining mainstays like Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash and Cranberry Canada Dry, Sprite Cranberry’s arrival

  • Edible Stocking Stuffers!

    I bought a big pile of edible stocking stuffers. Most of you would probably avoid these, whether because they’re made of dried meat or because they’re actually meant for cats. Me? I don’t discriminate. I love all stocking stuffers. Here are 70-100 words about each.

  • Holiday Goldfish Crackers x1000.

    If “Christmas” and “Pepperidge Farm Goldfish” both rank high on the list of things you adore, you are so unbelievably covered. We’ve seen Christmassy Goldfish before, but never this many at the same time. The only reasonable inference is that Pepperidge Farm Goldfish is the offic

  • Bud Light Lime’s “Cran-Brrr-Rita!”

    I’m on a big project this week, which is eating my time and making me crazy, but at least temporarily funding my passion for cranberry-infused alcoholic beverages. SPEAKING OF WHICH… Today’s video is my review of Bud Light Lime’s “Cran-Brrr-Rita.” The margarita with a twist! Th

  • Capri Sun’s Jingle Berry Holiday Pack!

    This year’s run of holiday junk food looks to be pretty fantastic. I’ve already spotted many great things, and not just repeats from last year, either. I’m talking about all NEW things. Leading the way is a special box of Christmassy Capri Sun! Capri Sun’s “Limited Time Holiday P